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International patent application:
"Electricity-generating suspension system" for hybrid and electric cars


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Further information, including technical descriptions and an animated video of the functional principle, can be found here.


Technical information

Intertronic Gresser GmbH in Würzburg, Germany is owner of patents in USA, Europe, China for the novel invention "electricity-generating suspension system for hybrid and electric cars".

This "electricity-generating suspension" SAF solves or reduces substantial problems of fully electric cars. In particular, a substantial increase in the range by several hundred kilometres is realised, in accordance with the existing storage capacity of the battery, without additional electricity costs (reduction in operating costs) and with absolutely "zero CO2 emissions". The increase in the range is at least 50% in relation to the battery storage capacity and the resulting range.

Technical Study Energy yield

Please download our Powerpoint-Presentation of Mr. Dr.-Ing. Walter Lachenmeier for further information.

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SAF Energy Yield


The "electricity-generating suspension system" has a much higher energy yield than other, known inventions for example from the USA, which couple an electricity generator to a conventional suspension system, keeping normal steel springs or airbags and hydraulic shock absorbers. For more information, see: www.levantpower.com

In contrast, with the present invention, a much greater proportion of the kinetic energy from the vertical wheel suspension movements and the excess body acceleration energy is converted into electricity by the coupled linear generators,as the usual steel springs and shock absorbers are completely omitted and replaced by a different, completely novel suspension system.

The support and suspension function is provided by an electronically controlled, double-action hydraulic cylinder. The vibration-damping function is provided by the mechanically coupled linear generator, the power and damping of which are likewise electronically controlled, while it generates electricity at the same time by means of the opposing induction forces ("Lorentz force").

An even higher energy yield can be realised than that specified in the computer calculation thanks to technical optimisations and due to the in any case very variable parameters (vehicle weight, tyre air pressure and shape of the road surface) which vary within wide ranges, so that ultimately an average of at least 15 kWh (kilowatt hours) per 100 km travelled is achieved with a correspondingly increased range.

Other inventions known to date which are concerned with electricity generation from the kinetic energy of wheel suspension movements (see www.levantpower.com) are constructed completely differently and have a much lower energy yield than the present system, as they retain the usual conventional "energy-consuming" shock absorbers with steel springs or the airbags in hydropneumatic systems, which in this case are completely omitted and replaced by a novel suspension system which provides a much higher energy yield thanks to its novel technical functionality.


3D-Animation: Electricity from the suspension


The follow-up video shows the functional principle of the force progression from our new and patented invention "Electricity from the suspension".


Patent SAF USA

Detailed further technical information

Please click here for further technical information about the "Electricity-generating suspension system".

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Chinese patent description

Chinese patent description

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US-Patent: "Electricity from the suspension"

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